Veterans Men's Drum Circle

Jonathan Egge. LCSW
Refit Counseling L.L.C.


The drumming circles will be targeting male veterans of any age will meet We once per month in the late afternoon-early evening, from 2-4 hours per event. Outdoor as the weather allows areas, Beginning Monday, October 17th New members can be added at any time.


The purpose of establishing a drumming circle for men is three-fold; 

1) to establish for the individual, qualities and characteristics of masculinity to best define the question of ‘what is a man’ in our local area. 

2) to engage in creative exposure to the spiritually healing benefits of drumming/drumming circles. 

3) to provide a space & platform for inclusion in the community as men & veterans in a holistic and natural format.


Guidance will be based on introduction to, and the practice of the group’s creed – Honor, Courage, Commitment, the 9 Noble Virtues (Courage/Valiance, Truth/Sincerity, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness/Diligence, Perseverance).  Each of these 12 virtues will become a topic for a given month. Virtues that are repeated give extra attention to that topic, and all will be paired with individual tasks derived by participants to benefit either the farm, the community or both.  


Volunteer project: fire pit build on the property for ceremonial purposes which can be utilized by the farm and it’s participants/supporters.

What our programing can provide:


Assess and identify the needs of presenting Veteran to develop a services/plan to meet their needs i.e. Vocational Counseling, Support Group or Therapeutic support. 


Case Management – Linkage to behavioral health and medical care and community based services ensures a continuum of care and quality support’ and prevent homelessness. 


Crisis Intervention – In the event of a relapse, our crisis intervention team helps the individual minimize or avert hospitalization. 


Social Skills Enhancement – Counselors work with our Veterans to enhance their social skills and self-esteem in social settings. 


Recreational and Social Activities – Our staff organize and involve Veterans and their families in regular recreational activities that promote socialization and healthy life style choices. Currently we offer Friday night music and monthly family events. 

Vocational/Employment Counseling- Access to education and employment programs and on-site trainings.

Groups- Support groups and peer support from other veterans in the program with similar experiences. Support groups will also be available to the families of the Veterans. 


Eco-Therapy-  Farm Based Projects or activities used as a form of therapeutic intervention.  This form of therapy has been shown to return the Veterans sense of purpose and reconnect them with the skills they used as a service member. 

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