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Create your own email server over the Internet for personal use or business needs. Use either multiple domain names or single domain name to receive and send email. Mail Server/Hotmail Login/Register Login to your webmail from the browser. Option 2: mail username -m password Write a message. Option 3: mail username -a-mailpw -m -4Amailusername -4Bmailusername Option 4: mail username -m -4Amailusername -4Bmailusername Make a copy for yourself. Option 5: mail username -a-mailpw -m -4Amailusername -4Bmailusername -4Cmailusername Mail Group Set up a mail group to allow multiple user access to mail server at the same time. Option 6: mail username -g groupname Set mail group name. Option 7: mail username -g -8groupname -8Cgroupname Set up a POP/IMAP/SMTP proxy. Option 8: mail username -p-mailpw -m -9Proxypw-m Enable/Disable SMTP authentication Option 9: mail username -p-mailpw -10-m Option 10: mail username -n-mailpw -11-m Specify the SMTP hostname Option 11: mail username -h -12host Option 12: mail username -h -13host Option 13: mail username -h -14host Specify the SMTP port Option 14: mail username -p -15port -16port Option 16: mail username -p -17port -18port Option 17: mail username -p -19port -20port Make a backup of the entire database. Option 18: mail username -b -21backup -22backup -23backup -24backup Option 19: mail username -m -25-d Option 20: mail username -m -26-d Option 21: mail username -m -27-d Option 22: mail username -m -28-d -29-d Option 23: mail username -m -30-d Mail Database Log database debug info into the log files. Option 24: mail username - a5204a7ec7

1. Client Email Services A. Add/Remove mailbox Q: I found some emails not delivered properly. Could you help?A: Check whether the receiving email server supports bounce return mail. The bounce return mail is the email that contains a message saying the email address has been deleted. If bounce return mail is not supported then this error has occurred. Q: I found many I/O errors on the log file. Could you help? A: The following errors would happen on the log file, for example, email delivery report error, the log file contains several lines similar to this one (0x6603) in the log file: Code: 0x6603 Reason: 0x6603 Error: 0x6603 Error Type: 0x6603 User: 0x6603 Description: 0x6603 Q: I found many error messages on the log file, could you help me? A: The file format of the log file is different to some other email client software. Here are some common error messages you find on the log file: Code: 0x6603 Reason: 0x6603 Error: 0x6603 Error Type: 0x6603 User: 0x6603 Description: 0x6603 ------------------------------------------ CMailServer Help: Download Page: User Guide: IRC: #cmailserver Twitter: Contact Us: the night my neighbor came to my door and told me that the bad guy had broken in and taken his riding lawn mower. I got on the Internet and found this video. The best part is how he pulls off the top of the mower to steal its gas. I always loved this thing because it was a Honda. I didn't know if he knew that the other day I changed the oil on it and added new fuel. I decided to show the world, this is not a Honda, but a TWIN CIMBA. I don't know if that means anything, but this video went viral on a Wednesday, so the writing is on the wall. The


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