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Veteran’s Program Overview

Statement of Purpose

Our program will provide a secure place where veterans gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment through the development of practical skills that can be transferred to home and the workplace.


The Central Moravian House will serve to augment the program already initiated on the adjacent Camel’s Hump Farm that utilizes Service Projects on the farm to build communication and provides a solid  foundation for the veteran and their families to interact with community and build genuine relationship. 



Our mission is to provide assistance to our veterans as they transition from military to civilian life.   Facilitate their reintegration into our community, provide guidance by building their sense of purpose, belonging, while offering resources and support to assist in their healing and offer skill training to lead to potential job placement.


We will provide the veterans with a haven within a restorative natural environment, which will provide a calming atmosphere where they can rest, recharge, and refocus on their future.   They will interact with the volunteers to work toward practical skills training, job placement, health and wellness.  Camel’s Hump Farm is uniquely capable of providing this haven within the City. 


Programs Offered

FVET-Female Veterans Empowered to Transition

Veterans Men's Drum Circle

Site Characteristics & Benefits


ACCESSIBILITY- The location of the farm in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, on a public transportation line makes it easily accessible.  Easy access to major highways, Route 22, Route 78, Route 378, Route 512, and Route 33.


LOCATION- The beautiful private/public natural setting with access to 135 acres of open space, high quality water stream, providing peace and serenity with endless recreational and educational opportunities.


BUILDINGS- The multiple buildings and 135 acres of grounds, provide ample room for programming, projects and events. 


PUBLIC INTERACTION-  The use by the public offers the opportunity for positive interactions that 

build healthy genuine relationships and community connections. 


PROGRAMMING/ PROJECTS-  The restoration and education programming  yield many diverse

projects and opportunities.  Programming/projects are in planning stages

and can be adjusted to meet the needs of those being served.


MENTORSHIPS- The projects on the estate bring professionals, artisans and experts together

to provide opportunities and a chance for mentorships in diverse

occupational fields from carpentry to environmental engineering. 


JOB PLACEMENT- Foster connections with local business to provide skill training and placement.



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Contact Us:

Camel's Hump Farm on the Johnston Estate

1311 Santee Mill Road Bethlehem, PA  18017

E-mail: victoriabastidas01@gmail.com